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The others glanced to one another before letting out a group sigh, catching Yuya's attention."Hmm? I thought you might've been thinking about where you were taking Yuzu for your next date." Ayu said. Lately, we've been getting worried that you and Yuzu are growing apart." Futoshi said. With a scoff, he suddenly stood up with fist firmly clasped."Are you kidding me?! " The kids looked to each other as Yuya looked up towards the roof overhead."I mean…. I mean…means so much to me…." he said, slowly drifting out of reality as he began thinking about the past dates he went on with Yuzu following her return to Paradise City.

Yuya turned to her before his eyes suddenly widened."W-Wait. As memories of their happiness flooded his head, it eventually came back to the day Yuya first popped the question to her.

However, during the crucial hour where his plans would succeed, it instead caused the resurrection of the "Demon Duelist" Zarc, the being who caused the destruction of the original dimension.

Having revived when his four counterparts, Yuya, Yuto, Yugo and Yuri, fused together, Zarc commanded the Four Dimensional Dragons once more and begun his prolonged rampage to destroy the dimensions.

So…was so important that you asked me to come meet you? However, as Yuya was about to say something, he immediately froze up. She yelped from shock as she was soon up against him, her heartbeat suddenly skyrocketing and her face turned bright red.

" Yuzu remained quiet before she gently closed her eyes, growing a smile of her own.Our story begins in Paradise City stationed in the Pendulum Dimension, renamed so because of everyone gaining the power of Pendulum Summoning.Roughly three years have passed since Yuya Sakaki was able to purify Zarc's evil soul and brought an end to the hostility between dimensions.The amount of warriors in their army was small, and they needed as much help as they could get.On Yugo's 16th birthday he had officially graduated and had become a warrior, and by that point in time he never saw the shadows at all.

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