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Once it was apparent that the issue was that any active pages are not properly refreshed, my workaround was obvious: In my Fragment (the pages): After this, when you reload a second set of pages, the bug will still cause some to display the old data.

However, they will now be refreshed and you will see the new data - your users won't know the page was ever incorrect because this refreshing will happen before they see the page. After a lot of searching for this problem, I found a really good solution that I think is the right way to go about this.

Essentially, instantiate Item only gets called when the view is instantiated and never again unless the view is destroyed (this is what happens when you override the get Item Position function to return POSITION_NONE).

Instead, what you want to do is save the created views and either update them in the adapter, generate a get function so someone else can update it, or a set function which updates the adapter (my favorite).

Then, in the Custom View Pager, create a method called update View At(int position).I have succussfully got it displaying several views which I can page through.However, I'm having a hard time figuring out how to update the View Pager with a new set of Views.Update: I made a little test project and I've almost been able to update the views. What doesn't appear to update however is the 2nd view, the 'B' remains, it should display 'Y' after pressing the update button. My view Pager will show the new searc results but doesn't default back to the first entry in the cursor.Does anyone know how to reset the position when updating the dataset? The problem is that understanding how it works is a little complex.

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