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If you go in the room and use a name that suggests you are a female and of age 14 or less, you will recieve atleast 15 to 20 cam request from men that openly admit to being in their 40's.The last time I was there, I saw a man on cam who had to be atleast in his 50's talking to a girl that had /f/13 in her name and asking her to private chat with him.The guy was nude and on cam while a moderator was present in the room.The site is over-ran with pedofiles searching for kids, stay away from that site.Worse still, even though he was writing official emails, he refused to provide his name. So, I visited his web site at find out the owner's contact details so I could make a complaint. As I left the chat room, after talking with an unhelpful chat moderator, my antivirus software started popping up multiple warnings (12! I figured the moderator was tracking my IP to find out who I was, or to boot me. Next I went to the chat-avenue forum to ask about the trojans, and to seek help in removing them.When I read the 'tech support' forum, I was amazed to see many other posts complaining about the same thing.

In response to my complaints, here's what I got: - more abusive emails from [email protected] my forum posts were locked, as were others complaining about the trojans.It sickens me that such a place can exist and yet nothing has been done about it.Karen's kid should not have been getting passwords from moderators nor should he have used them to disrupt the chatters in the room. is that they sent her e-mails because some kid swindled some passwords, yet they will not respond to e-mails about pedofiles being in the room or e-mails reguarding the safety of kids!!!!?They will constantly degrade you to get you mad, and then they start the process of getting you banned.They Post INFRACTIONS, for every little thing you do. They don't like you, and they go on a Vendetta to get you Banned. He is some 18 year old Punk Kid from the UK and I swear it's his mission to get every HE DOESN'T LIKE banned.

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