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This process is the same to undo a jailbreak on an i Phone, i Pad, i Pod touch, or even an Apple TV.We’re covering the i Phone here as an example, but it’s the same for all devices and all i OS versions.If it's already covered somewhere you may not get any answer to your question at all.Fallout3 Training Manual for FO3Edit (applies to all game versions)FNVEdit Training Manual for FNVEdit (applies to all game versions)If you would like to contribute to the conversion of the Fallout New Vegas documentation please visit the TES5Edit Documentation pages on the CK Wiki. Official Bethesda Forum: Best place to ask technical questions related to the inner workings of FNVEdit.- improved record definitions and error checking- [TES5] LODGen support for glowing meshes- [FO3/FNV] Fixed possible error when reading LOD meshes- [TES5] TES5LODGen avoids generating trees LOD for duplicate Form ID ref numbers, bug in Skyrim causes them to not switch off properly in the game- speed optimizations- fixed memory leaks- fixed sorting of INFOs in DIAL- fixed float values rounding- advanced Mod Groups feature- drag&drop and "Remove from selected records" support for individual flags- fonts are changeable in Options- new scripting functions- new script auto execution mode with -script:"test.pas" switch or when renamed to (TES4|TES5|FO3|FNV)Script.exe- x Edit associates itself with *.tes5pas, *.tes4pas, *.fo3pas and *.fnvpas extensions- load Mod Organizer profile internally using command line parameter -moprofile:- faster -quickshowconflicts switch processing- new -O: parameter to set the output folder for TES4LODGen generation (much faster), for example "-O:..\Mod Organizer\mods\Generated Distant LOD"- [FO3/FNV] Optional hiding of templated actor fields- [FNV] Don't undelete refs of TREEs with LOD, bug in the game engine causes a crash- [TES5] TES5LODGen, in right click menu - Generate LOD- [TES5] Weapon/Armor/Ammunition spreadsheets- [TES5] BODT/BOD2 and different VMAD version objects are now lined up for conflict resolution- [TES5] Improved DOBJ handling- [TES5] Record header flags depend on record type- issue 69: automatic updating of counter fields to reflect the proper amount of elements in containers- issue 149: Form ID indexes in master file header ONAM forms- issue 162: reference rotation angle normalization (TES4LODGen hanging on several mods)- hotkeys in plugins selection window (Enter - confirm, numpad ' ' select all, '-' select none, '*' invert)- hold Shift while starting x Edit to skip restoring window state (for users stuck with x Edit outside of viewable desktop area)- hold Shift while clicking OK in plugins selection window for one time skipping of building references for all plugins- exclude building references for plugins list available in options- option to display integer values of flags and enumerations (off by default)- Ctrl C copies only Node text to clipboard, Esc closes the View window- definitions update for all games to reduce false positives when checking for errors- custom scripted filtering, demo ' Apply custom scripted filter.pas'- new scripting functions and scripts: Weather Editor script (Ctrl W), Worldspace Browser (Alt F3)- scripted persistent bookmarking of records: Ctrl 1..5 to set a bookmark, Alt 1..5 to go back- removing offset data in WRLD is optional now, 'on' by default- [TES5] TES5LODGen (beta version, has several issues)- [TES5] renamed armor addon nodes (added slot numbers), please update your scripts if needed- [TES5] Record definitions update (WTHR, DOBJ, NAVM, VMAD papyrus data, Get Event Data condition), improved Nav Meshes (thanks to jonwd7)- [TES5] Added VMAD (papyrus scripts) to TREE, and LVLG (global) to LVLN.Sizing and memory allocation are done properly during every phase.- issue 108 : Very slow saving after editing ESM flag.Background updating limited as much as possible during saves.- issue 107 : Copying a quest record causes extraneous script fragment data to be generated.It might be useful to track down the issue.- [TES5] Blocks adding new script property and new scripts.

Reference building is delayed to after the change is done.Misc:- Code modified for compatibility with both Delphi XE and XE3 in the same source files.- Added Base Name property so unsorted arrays can contain structured unions.- Byte Array length increased to 64 bits.- New Icon provided by moiman100.- [TES5] more information is decoded (Records ARMA, NVSI, MOD2, LVLO).- [TES5] Every string value gets own ID when localizing plugin- [TES5] Fixed error when copying VMAD scripts using drag & drop- issue 104 : Files others than esp and esm (and ghost) are timestamped.- issue 88 : Delete from the view pane column title contextual menu is disabled (due to a hard to reproduce bug).This is a workaround, not a fix.- issue 119 : [TES5] The CK adds useless XLRL records when reverting a change.Those XLRL are considered benign and the record ITM.- issue 110 : Check for errors now checks for invalid Form IDs.Also, new "Check for errors" sample script.- Options are processed when they matter, not at the beginning.- issue 82 : [TES5] Capitalization fixed in text are being treated as dirty edits. Scripting:- Scripts can use other scripts with standard pascal "uses" keyword.- New functions available.- New sample scripts.

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