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The New Fest audience award-winner demands strong critical support to overcome its downbeat subject matter and lack of a star draw." The Philadelphia Inquirer film critic, Steven Rea, lauded the actors, writing, "Kelley (Walt Lloyd in Lost), Jasmin Burke and Jossie Thacker are among the busy ensemble whose exceptionally fine performances elevate what could have been a pile-it-on melodrama into something deeper and more unsettling." Despite a successful festival run, the film was unable to find distribution. In 2011 it premiered on Showtime and in 2015 it was made available through Netflix via distributor ARRAY.Nowadays it's harder because everyone is on Facebook and everyone knows where you are all the time, and everyone's Twittering.Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs University Counseling Center and Office of Violence Prevention Office of Conflict Resolution and Student Conduct University Police Department The University of Mississippi is committed to a safe campus and community.

The drama features Tessa Thompson, DB Woodside, Malcolm Goodwin, Malcolm David Kelley and Michael Hyatt.

When he is caught by his wife, she contacts the police. Kari eventually learns that her mother's cancer has returned and her father has been laid off work.

She gives her parents Sammy's money and decides not to go to school.

We want you to know that the University of Mississippi has not made any policy or procedural changes related to Title IX cases.

The University plans to participate in the DOE rulemaking process and will work with organizations such as APLU and ASCA to advocate for university authority and fair student rights.

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