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The surgery was owned by two well-respected partners who had practised in the village for more than 30 years.

Dr Evans, who was married, occasionally stayed late in the surgery, where he was usually joined by healthcare assistant Debbie as the only other member of staff in the building.

If a patient under your care has suffered harm or distress, you should: (a) put matters right (if that is possible) (b) offer an apology (c) explain fully and promptly what has happened and the likely short-term and long-term effects.” For more on being open, see Chapter 4, “What to do when things go wrong”.

Managing the relationship with patients also means respecting their right to confidentiality and maintaining professional boundaries.

He was reported to the GMC and faced a fitness-to-practise hearing, where he was suspended for a year and had several restrictions placed on his practice.MPS has written extensively on the importance of good communication, partly due to the oft-quoted fact that 70% of litigation in healthcare is related to poor communication.Read the article, Good communication: why it's worth it, says, in paragraph 55: “You must be open and honest with patients if things go wrong.Does it hurt my chances of getting custody of my children if I move out of the home and leave the children with their other parent?In short, yes, it probably will hurt your chances of getting custody of your children.

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