Office communicator presence not updating

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Also, if you have an important deadline, you can also change your presence status to Do Not Disturb to control interruptions.

Note: The Out of Office note will replace any Personal Note you have previously entered, but the Out of Office note will not be updated until you sign out and sign back in to Communicator.

Your location information is visible only to those contacts who you assign to the Team or Personal access level.

See the How your Presence information appears to others based on Access Levels section later in this topic for more information about assigning access levels to contacts.

They are also visible to federated contacts, depending on the assigned Access Level.

They are not visible to public instant messaging contacts.

The left side of the table shows the Presence information attributes, while the right side of the table shows whether the attribute is available for a given access level, which is covered in more detail later in this topic.

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You look at her status in your Contact List and see that the contact is available.

Once you have done so, the note can take as long as 30 minutes to propagate through the Presence system.

In addition, you must be running the Communicator client on a device that can connect to Exchange in order for this information to propagate.

Presence information helps you to contact others and helps others to reach you.

Office Communicator provides a full set of person presence attributes that you can customize and make available to other contacts to help them communicate with you.

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