Matthew mcconaughey who is he dating

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"I don't think I want them engaged in his industry.

I want to move off somewhere and have them outside of it...

"What advice would Mc Conaughey give to his younger self? If you're only getting your gratification from what the result turns out to be, don't do it."It's that simple, but oh-so-true advice that rubbed off on Mc Conaughey's *Interstellar *costar (and 's November cover girl! Looking gorgeous in a bright yellow Riccardo Tisci gown, Chastain said that Mc Conaughey "teaches me to take it easy, and he's not even aware of it. You can't help but think, Life is great, when you're around him, and Let's just have a good time!

1997 - 1998The two dated for a period, but eventually parted ways.

"I met her at the Grammys and found her to be a very very sweet lady. She's a sweetheart but we're not dating, we're just friends.

That's about all there is right now," he explained. Despite being extremely friendly on the red carpet again in 2006, these two have gone down very different paths in their careers and otherwise.

"I was like, 'OK, there's Matthew Mc Conaughey and he's fine.

The End: Legend has it the fling ended as quickly as it started.

At the time, Mc Conaughey refused to admit things had gotten romantic.

According to some unnamed sources, he emerged from her house "shirtless, carrying his shoes, and whistling." Hmm.

On second thought, this IS the guy who plays bongo drums in the buff, so maybe this insider wasn't actually too far off.

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