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Take a walk round your local shopping precinct and you'll see them.

Britain's Vicky Pollards have permanently daubed themselves in Sanskrit imprecations, misspelled Eastern aphorisms and noodle-brained Zen slogans.

That said, I'm not gonna lie--often, a ginormous tat on a guy makes me think he's trying too hard to be badass and/or overcompensating for a boring suburban upbringing. I knew this one dude who had a big stallion's head (why? See, now that's something that would have kept me from dating a guy.

Meanwhile, my younger brother has long discussed getting a classic Popeye-style anchor on his bicep.

(To be fair, he did graduate from a maritime academy, so it would be a legit anchor, not a fashion anchor.) I think it'll probably look a'ight, but I'd prefer he meet the love of his life first, just in case she ends up seeing him across a room and deciding not to go talk to him based on his body-art choice. I know we women make questionable tattoo choices of our own (hello, tramp stamp), and it's not like I don't have a bad tattoo of my own, hidden as it may be (hello, ladybug-on-hip).

Perhaps that explains why it is that those who are the most spiritually vacant, most culturally barren, least intellectually curious, are also the most concerned that their taut young bodies should become billboards for various cod-mystic banners?A salutary tale for young women in the papers the other day: Melanie Chisholm, better known as Sporty Spice, is reportedly ready to spend £10,000 and endure two and a half years of intermittent physical torment to erase her numerous tattoos. And women with tattoos were like women with moustaches: feared and ridiculed in equal measure.Mel C, 34, is said to have grown increasingly unhappy with her ten separate examples of 'body art', which include a Celtic cross on her left arm, a phoenix across her shoulders and the word 'Angel' above her navel."They look nice when you're toned and tanned," she is said to have said, "but when I put on weight they looked awful."Without wishing to compound the poor woman's misery, I beg to differ: doubtless Mel C's tattoos do look awful when she puts on weight, but they don't look much better when she's toned and tanned. At the risk of coming across like a retired church warden, multiple tattoos on young women seldom do. I think they look pretty good on drunken sailors, for instance. So can prize-fighters and rock stars and other denizens of the demi-monde. They used to come with a dangerous frisson of outsiderdom. There are, of course, still those who live as dangerously as they look.Often on their lower backs – hence the richly evocative 'tramp stamp' or 'slag tag' to describe these deliberate discolorations. It's off-the-shelf hokum, like a bumper sticker you can't peel off, written in a dead language. And how utterly, completely, definitively not sexy.Literally, the longest sentence these people have ever read in a foreign language is the one on Angelina Jolie's pelvis.

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