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This isn’t to say that a recreation inline skate has to be of poor quality. Some recreational skates are manufactured with all the highest quality materials and top notch designs to provide incredible products that would be enjoyed by beginners and experts alike.

A recreational skate does not, however, typically provide a specialized design that other skates in the market provide.

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Welcome to my website where we discuss all things skates.

Besides roller hockey, recreational, and racing skates there are also aggressive skates (tight cornering) and urban skates for use in cities.

Just like the other types of skates, the parts and overall designs of each of these kinds of skates varies widely.

I can help you understand the anatomy of a skate, so the decision you make about a given skate is based more on your own insights than the endorsement of a stranger on the internet.

Last, but certainly not least is the materials that make up a skate.

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The main differences lie in the wheels, which are much larger than you would typically see on recreational or roller hockey skates.

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One of the most common would be the inline skate that’s designed specifically for roller hockey.

Unlike recreational skates, a skate for roller hockey is designed with one thing and only one thing in mind: hockey.

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