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The polynomial coefficients are not required for the new IFDs as non-standard durations can be extracted directly from the webpage, removing the need for interpolation.At present, the Bureau is not making the grids that underpin the new design rainfalls available for the whole of Australia.The full impact of the new IFDs can only be assessed by considered all inputs into the design process (including design temporal patterns and losses).

A different method was adopted to derive the 2016 IFDs, therefore equivalent values are not available for the 2016 IFDs.

This combined database was homogenised using extensive quality control procedures.

The quality controlled rainfall data was analysed using statistically rigorous tools and techniques, such as: the Generalised Extreme Value distribution, which has been fitted using the technique of L-moments for the rainfall frequency analysis; Bayesian Generalised Least Squares Regression for deriving sub-daily rainfall statistics from daily rainfall values; GIS-based methods for gridding data; and an 'index rainfall procedure' for regionalisation of point data. * EY = exceedences per year# AEP = annual exceedence probability As is to be expected, the differences between the data and methods adopted have resulted in differences between the new IFDs and the ARR87 IFDs.

The new design rainfalls do not include the effects of future climate change.

Advice on how to take climate change into consideration when using the new design rainfalls is provided in Book 1; Chapter 6 Climate Change Consideration of ARR2016

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