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They hit different Three Mobile outlets several times in the early hours to grab the latest handsets and were in and out in ‘a matter of minutes.’ The gang sat in the dock chatting, looking bored and giggling loudly as prosecutor Michael Shaw spent nearly an hour reading out their prior convictions.Former policeman Andrew Stevenson lay in wait and attacked ex-wife Lyneth at her home in Neath, Wales because he didn't want to pay the £152,00 divorce settlement. Patients at St John's care home in Norwich were visited by charity Miniature Donkeys for Wellbeing which was set up by Sarah Mc Pherson, 54, after she noticed the positive effect they had on her mother.

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The bandits stole phones, tablet computers and caused damage worth more than £1 million using hammers, knives, a gun and even a fencing post as a battering ram.Weighing around 10lb, you can buy a giant Toblerone 12 times the size of the original bars at 2ft 7.5in long.It contains 2.8lbs (1.3kg) of fat, 6lbs (2.7kg) of sugar and has 24,075 Kcal.Previously he would drink wine and celebrated Christmas, even wearing a Santa-type hat (left) on a Christmas Day trip.Star was arrested by counter-terrorism police on Tuesday at the flat above his Mermaid Fish Bar in Chesterfield (bottom inset), where he worked with his brother and handed out copies of the Koran to staff, according to a friend.

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